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Tomatoes - Chopped With Basil

Tomatoes - Chopped With Basil

Rs. 405.00

Biona: 25 years of organic food

- Certified Organic & GMO Free

- Suitable for Vegans

- BPA Free

- No Air Miles

- Ethically & Sustainably Sourced

- Made from Sun-Ripened Italian Tomatoes

- Family Business

These organic tomatoes are chosen for their sun-ripened goodness. They are simply chopped, mixed with fresh basil and then marinated in a rich tomato juice. Our tomatoes have no added salt or sugar and are citric acid free too! All our tomatoes are grown on farms selected for their premium organic crops and their sustainable farming methods.

Our tomato range is produced in Italy and comes from a sustainable farm run by farmers who are committed to avoiding harmful chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers and who shun genetic modification. The beautiful, warm Mediterranean sun that shines throughout the summer months ripens the fruits to perfection. The crop is harvested from July to the end of August, when they are at their very best.

Organic, In a rich tomato juice, No BPA Used


Chopped Peeled Tomatoes* (65%), Tomato Juice*, Basil* (0.5%), * = Certified Organic ingredients