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Spelt Multi Flakes

Spelt Multi Flakes

Rs. 800.00

High in Fibre. Multigrain. Low Sugar. Suitable for Vegans. Vegetarian Society Approved - Vegan. Our spelt multi flakes are a delicious combination of organic spelt bran, light rice flakes, barley and oats which are carefully combined to give you a deliciously crunchy cereal. They're also low in sugar, with no added salt. Just add your favourite milk and top with a sprinkling of seeds, nuts or fresh fruit for a delicious breakfast. The Ancient Grain Spelt, an ancient grain, has been grown in Somerset since the start of the Iron Age and has gained in popularity in recent times because it's an excellent source of dietary fibre and contains protein as well as some vitamins and minerals. It is both easy to digest and leaves you feeling fuller for longer as well as being a good source of slow release energy; so much so the Roman Army called it their "marching grain'