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Slim Pasta Fettuccine - Organic

Slim Pasta Fettuccine - Organic

Rs. 635.00

  • Zero Carbohydrates Fettuccine
  • Scientifically Proven for Weight Loss
  • Keto, 100% Plant-based and Gluten-free diet

The fettuccine you love – minus all the carbs! It looks like fettuccine, it tastes like fettuccine, but Eat Water Slim Pasta Fettuccine is so much more. This organic; zero-carb and low-calorie alternative to regular fettuccine will satisfy your strongest pasta cravings. Eat Water also sell zero-carb alternatives to lasagne, noodles, spaghetti, fettuccine and rice and reduced carb panang, pad thai, arrabbiata and tarka dal ready meals – a carb for every craving!

What is Eat Water Slim Pasta Fettuccine made of? So, let’s get things straight… this low-calorie fettuccine is carbohydrate free, wheat free, fat free and still tastes just like pasta? But how? What is it made of? The secret is in Glucomannan – a plant-based, water-soluble fibre in Konjac flour. When ingested, Glucomannan like most soluble fibres creates a sensation of fullness that can reduce appetite and delays stomach emptying, keeping you feeling fuller, leaving you less likely to snack or binge eat.This zero-carb fettuccine both satisfies pasta cravings and fills you up – a great weight management duo!