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Salmon Skin Snack - Salt & Vinegar

Salmon Skin Snack - Salt & Vinegar

Rs. 335.00

The UK’s first handcrafted salmon skin crisps, using the often wasted nutritious salmon skin.

Dan & Dom's idea for creating salmon skin crisps was inspired by their time working in restaurant kitchens, where after seeing fish skins being wasted in restaurants he started to crisp them up and serve as garnishes. When Dan and his business partner Dom were sourcing salmon skins to turn into snacks they learned that almost half of all seafood that’s caught is thrown away. They decided to address this by using the often wasted, nutrient packed skin to make their crisps.

High in protein and omega-3 fats, Sea Chips make healthy, great tasting snacks. As well as aiming to reduce waste, Sea Chips donate a portion of their profits to supporting organisations and charities who are helping to clean up our seas and oceans. Every decision they make follows their strong belief of not only being good for you but good for the planet.