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Chips Ahoy! Thins Originals

Chips Ahoy! Thins Originals

Rs. 985.00

The Nabisco Chips Ahoy Original Cookies are perfect for parties and family gatherings. These classic Original Cookies are loaded with real and delicious chocolate chips. They are baked to perfection to have that exact crunch which is needed. Enjoy these cookies with a bowl of vanilla flavored ice cream or top these bite sized cookies on top of your favourite Sunday to add that extra crunch. Go from hungry to happy with just a bite! 

  • CHIPS AHOY! delivers the sweet, delicious taste that America loves!
  • These crowd-pleasing cookies are delightfully thin for a crisp crunch and come with delicious chocolate chips.
  • A resealable pack with easy-pull tab keeps cookies fresh and is great for snacking, sharing, or traveling.
  • CHIPS AHOY! Cookies are a kosher food that contains zero trans fats.