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Decaf Blend Ground

Decaf Blend Ground

Rs. 950.00

Decaf, with no compromises. This is one flavourful, characterful cup - a blend of coffees from smallholder farmers in Rwanda and Sumatra, with caffeine removed by natural process without chemicals. It's indulgent, rich and full-bodied, with hints of dark caramel. Enjoy.

Notes of ginger and dark chocolate

We hand-roast our coffee in small batches to develop delicious flavour and aroma for each individual coffee.

100% speciality Arabica coffee, Strength - dark roast - 5

Preparation and Usage

The Perfect Cafetiére One heaped dessert spoon (~15g) per 250ml cup. Water just off the boil (92°C). Stir, brew for 4 minutes, then plunge and enjoy.